conditions of study

the summer academy traunkirchen is open to all those over the age of 16 who are interested in art. to apply, please submit in writing the completed enrolment form along with the following necessary documents: short curriculum vitae, maximum 10 photos/copies/concepts of own works (no originals!), maximum format: din a4 or as an attachment: 3 mb per sending, pictures as jpg as soon as possible, but not later as three weeks before the start of the respective course to the

summer academy traunkirchen
ortsplatz 1
a-4801 traunkirchen
or at

the applicationis binding and will be sent to the artist of the chosen class, who makes a decision concerning admission to the course. in the case of signing off the cancellation conditions come into force. if an admission into the class of the first choice is not possible, the option of a second choice exists. the summer academy is not responsible for the documents sent in! a right to a study place cannot be claimed.

the summer academy informs all candidates about the effected or not effected admission as soon as possible and asks then for immediate transfer of the enrolment fee of eur 200,-. the admission confirmation is considered to be an obligatory participation contract between the summer academy and the student. in the case of signing off the cancellation conditions come into force. the course fee is to be paid by no later than 10 days (postmark) after receipt of the admission confirmation. otherwise the participant will be set back.

in the case of absence at the course without a written cancellation the registration remains upright even if the course fee has not been paid in, the cancellation conditions are valid. 14 days before beginning of the course
the students receive a list of the necessary materials.

class size
the maximum number of participants is limited to twenty persons per course. the minimum number of participants is ten. in a case of cancellation of a class for reasons of force majeure or too small number of participants the summer academy refund the paid enrolment and course fees, but is not responsible for further costs.

cancellation conditions
in the case of the cancellation 15 days prior to the course the course fee will be transferred back. the enrolment fee of eur 200,- will be retained as a process charge. in case of cancellation after 14 days prior to the course the refunding of a course fee is only possible in the event of a proven force majeure (illness, accident, death in the family). other reasons (discontent, programme changes) do not entitle to the refund. in the case of being prevented through the force majeure the immediate cancellation with the proof of the preventing reason is necessary, otherwise the complete participation fee must be paid. there is no possibility of refunding for those students who have already begun the course.

insurance and security arrangements
the summer academy traunkirchen is not responsible for accidents, thefts and damage of all kinds, which occur during the classes. we advise you not to leave any valuable articles, such as photo equipment, jewelleries and others, without surveillance.