elfie semotan | shalom - allure
elfie semotan | shalom - allure

| female & male (point of) view

july 13 - 26


participants in the class “the female | the male (point of) view,” which will be led by elfie semotan, will deal with the different presentations and judgments as well as valuations of female and male free thinks in their past and present conceptions through different photographic tools. casanova, for example, is received completely different than the courtesans. although female free thinkers of the past as well as the venetian courtesans had enormous intellectual, artistic, and musical talents, society viewed and judged them differently than casanova, a recognized and dazzling personality. the class will address the question of how these differences in pictorial representation can be translated in the contemporary context. focusing on the deliberate use of light—light and non-light, aesthetics, and the technical aspects of photography are just as important as discovering the possibilities of analogue and digital enlargement techniques.

the focus of this class is on digital photography.

participants should bring photography equipment (camera, stative) and a laptop.


eflie semotan significantly influenced austrian fashion photography with her posters for palmers. since 1985, she has shot photo spreads for international magazines including vogue, esquire, and harpers bazaar as well as travel documentaries and portraits of artists. people and moods are the most important elements of her work, fashion is merely a complementary aspect.