graphic arts

konrad winter | lime works
konrad winter | lime works

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august 10 - 23


graphic arts require a decision in order to clearly formulate a pictorial message, which is transmitted to a wider audience through reproduction. personally coming to terms with the students’ concerns is the first step, after which practical modes of implementation are developed.

the class is open to everyone; experience in graphic arts may also be of value to painters. all necessary techniques are developed step-by-step. there are no prequisites for taking this class.

the taught techniques include gravure printing (drypoint, etching, multi-colored aquatint etching), letterpress printing (linocutting and woodcutting, experimental techniques) and combinations. lithography will be demonstrated. konrad winter will be the catalyst for strengthening personal aspects of a given work and to facilitate a convention and prejudice-free view on one’s own piece.



the studios are located in the papermuseum steyrermühl.