oliver dorfer | the cng-files / handcranked illusion 1 | acrylic on acrylic glass | 100x100 cm
oliver dorfer | the cng-files / handcranked illusion 1 | acrylic on acrylic glass | 100x100 cm

| from the (mental) sketch to image

july 27 – august 09


this class provides an experimental space to find, talk about, work on, and discuss possible building blocks of visual communication. questioning, expanding, and deepening one’s own pictorial language takes a central role in this class.

contemporary artistic practice is caught in the tension between numerous image-creating media. these pictorial languages not only engage in exchanges with our everyday lives, but also reflexively influence each other, and tell us about themselves as well as the subjective, social and historical, aesthetic, and political conditions of their creation. contemporary painting includes many of these impulses, reacts to elements of street art, comics, mangas or graphic novels, graffiti, icons and super symbols, character culture, film, design, advertising graphics etc and transforms them into new building blocks of visual communication.

this contextual focus should not, however, create mental restrictions among the participants; in contrast, the more varied the impulses (including those from previously-begun works or those the participants bring with them), the more diverse the work process within the class, and the broader the possibilities for realization.

the goal of the class is to support participants in developing their own criteria for artistic production through joint reflection.

the participants will bring their preferred work materials, as well as sketches, drafts, scribbled notes, texts, and potentially also digital cameras and laptops with them.


oliver dorfer lives and works in linz, where he was born in 1963. he examines the flood of images that are part of our times, transforms these images and brings them back into his pictorial world through new interpretations that lean heavily on certain codes in street art, graffiti, and mangas.