tone fink | VN entwurf + KUB | 2010
tone fink | VN entwurf + KUB | 2010

drawing and forming

july 27 - august 09 


tone fink’s class from the line to the form and handi-craftily papering begins with the elementary medium of drawing. the students develop and expand their fantasies into the 3rd dimension. the stance is experimental, inquisitive and open. as the ideas are rich, the materials should be poor and simple. trying out different types of paper and deforming them through new modes of drawing, tearing them, cutting them…paper and cartons will be transformed into body-like forms and potentially performed.


tone fink was born in 1944 in schwarzenberg as the son of a seamstress for traditional clothing (“trachten”) and a blacksmith. his creations include works on and with paper (drawings, skins, masks, clothes, objects, books) as well as paintings, films, and performances. he has publicly shown his works in exhibitions, processions, and actions since 1970. he lives and works in vienna and fußach.