within walking distance 

general store
café, wine, gifts, edition traunkirchen

pro mente minimarketsnacks

café johannesberg / ice cream parlour: the best toast, café, ice cream; beer garden right beside the lake

post hotel: daily special (soup and main sourse) for the participants in the summer academy for 6.50 euro

traunsee hotelthe most beautiful sunsets right beside the lake

convent parlournice beer garden


outside of the village center 

bremhub cider pub: snacks and wonderful view, honest prices

windlegern inntrip inn, the best blackpudding

hochstein alphiking destination, the best poor knights of windsor (austrian style)

kaarbach (cuba): can be reached only by boat, unique, guests of the summer academy are welcome

spitzvilla: morning sun, café on the terrace right beside the lake